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  1. Do you find yourself scrambling around your apartment trying to find a blank wall? 

  2. Is your lighting better suited for a dive bar?

  3. Have you ever bribed you handyman to be your reader?

  4. Maybe you have a professional set-up but haven't booked off any of your self-tapes yet

What if you could have a self-tape that looks professional with a fantastic reader in a supportive environment where you have the option of being directed by a seasoned actor?


Sessions are $95/hour ($50/half-hour) and include but not limited to:

  1. Coaching + Direction

  2. Rehearsal + Drilling

  3. Taping, Editing, Uploading

  4. Special attention to hair, make-up and wardrobe, if desired.

  5. Walk away with new audition tools and acting techniques.

SCHEDULE your session

Send your best dates and times to


Venmo is great @amandalerner

Please let me know if you’d like an alternate payment option like PayPal, CashApp or Zelle.

You can pay on the day of your session.

Learn Amanda’s favorite way to memorize lines quickly and easily.
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Shout out to the amazing Amanda Brooke Lerner!

Needed self tapes for 3 projects in a hurry. No turnaround time.

Amanda helped style and coiff me. Her warm professional manner is soothing, she has great ideas and collaborates beautifully with her clients.

Taping is a chance to create, stretch and push limits. Amanda puts one at ease, never rushes you and makes you feel like a million bucks and cared for. Highly recommend.

-- Eve Austin

I don't post about my self-tapes a lot but I had sooo much fun with Amanda Brooke Lerner filming 3 characters for an audition. Amanda responded to my email VERY last minute and was amazing helping me with coaching, wardrobe & hair.

Definitely “worth the schlep” and highly recommend her services if you need a self tape or resume resurrection 😋💕

3 Characters 🔹 2 Different Takes Each 🔹 3 Wardrobe Changes 🔸 ALL IN.

-- Melanie Roth

Appreciative thanks to Amanda Brooke Lerner (who pretty much does it all!) for coaching and filming me for my co-star self-tape (and doing my hair!) for a very big project!

We had so much fun riffing and collaborating and I loved getting her input and insights!

My manager told me I did a great job and looked amazing!

What more could I ask for? 

--Helene Galek

Major love to Amanda Brooke Lerner for helping a girl self-tape 2 very different roles!

Decided to try the Actor & the Biz and just wanted to share how awesome she is!

So grateful this community has given me some kick-ass people to self-tape with.

Amanda is a gem!

-- Shara Ashley Zieger

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I BOOKED that staged reading we self-taped last Sunday !! I'm telling you - it was your top and lighting that sealed the deal!  I can't thank you enough for spending so much time with me getting the hair and wardrobe right! It made all the difference!

All of that in addition to being an amazing coach AND reader! Full service! You are so awesome! I'm so glad you could squeeze me in last weekend! Amanda Brooke Lerner - You're such an amazing person! 

-- Dana D’Ascoli

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Amanda, you were PHENOMENAL.

Such a queen.

Thank you so much for your guidance, help, and expertise. I would not have been able to create something I am so proud of without you.

I have already told all of my acting friends about you.

Whenever you teach on camera classes or cold reading classes, please let me know!

- Carmen Vienhage

Can we talk about Amanda Brooke Lerner for a minute? Not only is she an epically amazing actress, but she's one badass coach and on-camera self-tape guru! I've been meaning to thank this gorgeous & generous soul for awhile! 

Amanda helped me put 29-pages on tape for a self-tape request!!! Yes, TWENTY NINE! 3 roles. 2 projects. 20 pages for 1 alone. 

I didn't book any of those roles...BUT it did prompt the CD of that 20 page project to have me go on tape for 2 roles for House of Cards. We must've done something right. Win the room! Even if you're not in it. 

Moral of the story, Amanda is a force of nature! Call upon her for you next coaching or self tape. Amanda Brooke Lerner is the bomb diggity! I'm honored to call this beautiful artist a friend.

-- Justin Tourintino Wilson

Thank you Amanda Brooke Lerner for giving me such a beautiful self-tape experience. 

I have been doing theater for over 20 years and Amanda knows how to speak my theater-speak but also knows how to translate what I do on stage to camera in a way that felt so natural, authentic and downright fun. 

Amanda has my full trust and respect and is also a glorious human.

I will be trusting my work with her again. She is a light among us. 

-- Marilee Talkington

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I want to show some deep gratitude to a few of the folks from this group who have been instrumental in my growth this year.  Amanda Brooke Lerner prepped me for several auditions and knew how to bring out the best in my work. So good, in fact, that I booked an indie film off a self-tape that everyone else went in person to audition for Boom. 

She said I brought something to character she hadn't seen before. 

Amanda Brooke Lerner - Thank you again for your work with me - I REALLY love coaching with you! XOXO

-- Vanita Kalra


You are such a rockstar. Honestly, it surpassed my expectations.

You have such a command over the technique of this stuff!

I talked you up to whoever would listen at my acting studio and told them to go to you.

- Catherine Taffe

 I want to give a shout out to Amanda Brooke Lerner!  

Worked with her recently on a self-tape and she is awesome!

She really has a good eye and lets you really play with the work!  

This community is filled with multi-talented and gracious people!

-- Joshua Dobbins


Today I had the good fortune to work with Amanda Brooke Lerner (The Actor & The Biz) on a self-tape for a dramatic role.

Fabulous from beginning to end!

Whatever happens I know that I submitted a professional tape & that feels great!!

Thanks for everything.

-- Arlene Moskowitz


 "Angry Philip James" - LMFAO

It was a pleasure to work with you.

Self-taping with you was so educational and fun.

Thank you Amanda Brooke Lerner.  

- Philip James

I must take a minute to thank Amanda Brooke Lerner for today's coaching, self-tape and SlateShots.

As your talent and heart are evident in all you do, because it's who you are...I appreciate you sharing your gifts.

In doing so, you made me better...and for that I am blessed and grateful.

I can't ask for more than mama, ABL...'til next time...much love.

- - Vanessa Thorpe

I had so much fun putting this self-taped audition together!

Very happy I worked with Amanda Brooke Lerner.

She made the process easy, with zero pressure plus we knocked it all out super quick! 

She makes you feel great about your work!

Totally recommend working with Amanda.

Check her out on INSTA: @theactorandthebiz

-- Marcus Bender

Shout out to Amanda Brooke Lerner!

She fit me into her busy day with less than 24 hours notice!

And she provided strong coaching and a fun space to play.

Amanda helped me nail a pilot self-tape!

- - Teresa Catherine

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I recently worked with Amanda Brooke Lerner on self-tapes/SlateShots.

She also coaches and is the Resume Guru.

If you are in need of any of this then run to her! I can't overstate how wonderful she is.

She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she shares and is overly generous with.

She makes the entire process fun, will help you access everything you need. 

Thank you, Amanda!

- - Katie McCarver

That’s what our work can do: we remind people that things can change, that wounds can heal, that people can be forgiven, and that closed hearts can open again.

- Larry Moss