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the ACTOR & the BIZ is a private coaching service founded by Amanda Brooke Lerner.  My intention is to train actors to feel empowered by helping them build the solid foundation they need to realize a sustainable career. Driven by positivity, compassion and an insatiable love for the craft, the Actor & the Biz will guide you through the matrix of The Biz. In addition to Career Coaching, my specialties include: Audition Coaching, Self-Tapes, Resume Resurrection and Film Festival Press Kits.

After I got my BFA from Rutgers, 15 years passed before I started my professional acting career. During that time, I was a "Shadow Artist", disguised as the Senior Executive Assistant to the President of Calvin Klein. I also became a Certified Holistic Health Coach. In 2010, I left CK to pursue acting full-time. In order to support myself, I combined my coaching skills with my business skills and created the Actor & the Biz.

Our focus will predominantly be on The Biz, however, Craft will always be paramount. I have a plethora of tips, tricks and tools to share so you can start auditioning consistently, building your resume, expanding your reel, refining your craft, leveling up and acting as the President of YOU. I'm so excited to start working together!

AMANDA BROOKE LERNER has starred in dozens of Award-Winning Indie films and has played Mom to both John D’Leo (The Family, The Wrestler) and Julia Garner (Ozark, The Americans). This spring, she will be co-starring on a hit series for STARz!

She's had Guest Starring roles on TV for HBO, A+E, and Lifetime and recently played the Lead FBI Agent in I Am Rebel on NAT GEO. She's excited about her role as Mrs. Cattsowitts in Damage Control, a hilarious new series starring Daniel Baldwin. Next Up: a short film Housewife, a feature film Everybody Loves Dick and a pilot How Am I Doing?


Regionally, Amanda played Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire and Beatrice in The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds. 

Amanda won Best Actress for The Cartographer at the Long Island Int'l Film Festival Expo (LIFFE) and Best Actress for Daffodil at C.R.I.S.F.F. She was nominated for Best Villain for Sasha at Action on Film in Vegas, Best Supporting Actress for Kill Al at C.R.I.S.F.F. and Best Actress at NYTF for her role in Goodbye, Stranger.

Amanda earned her BFA from Rutgers under the direction of Bill Esper and Maggie Flanigan and currently studies with Larry Moss. A proud member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA, you may recognize her as Olga in the popular Optimum: The Unmovers spots.

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CONTACT AMANDA | Founder | the Actor & the Biz

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We are located in Inwood.

TAKE the 1 to 215th St or the A to 207th St.

CONTACT ROBYNE | Associate | the Actor & the Biz

Meet my Associate Robyne Parrish. Robyne is powerhouse talent who works non-stop. She specializes in musical theater, monologue and career coaching, accents and dialects, bio makeovers. Her niche is with new graduates and young actors who are just beginning their careers. She also knows the ins-and-outs of the Pittsburgh Market.

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