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CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming audition!

I’m so excited to collaborate with you.

My intention is to make your session feel fun, freeing and informative.

We are going to take a journey together to get you out of your head and into your body and prepared for redirection and unforeseen audition room circumstances.


I’d like us to be as organized as possible so we can spend the majority of the time on the work.

  • Please email a copy of the sides to

  • Please include the notes from casting (breakdown, logline, network, major players).


  • FOR VIDEO COACHING: Let’s do FaceTime. Or Facebook Messenger Video. Just open Facebook and I’ll call you. 

  • IN PERSON: Bring 2 paper copies of the sides and please highlight the lines I’ll be reading.

  • Bring an open mind and a sense of play.

  • Celebrate the opportunity to get in the room and share your work!


PAYMENT is $95/hour. That includes:

  • Coaching and Direction.

  • Rehearsing and Drilling.

  • New tools, tricks and techniques.

  • Special attention to wardrobe, hair and make-up, if desired.

  • Join our mailing list and receive a free copy of one of my favorite Memorization Techniques.


VENMO is great @amandalerner

Please let me know if you’d like an alternate payment option like PayPal, CashApp or Zelle.

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Amanda Brooke Lerner: Thank you Thank you Thank you for the amazing coaching session today!

I was given sides for a co-star role for one of my favorite shows late last night and we did a one-hour FaceTime coaching session.  I left feeling empowered with specific choices, a sense of play, owning my sass, not to mention a rather bizarre tongue technique that totally helped in getting out a very mouthy line!

I went in excited but grounded and had a blast in the room. Guys if you need a coaching session, get thee to Amanda!

- Jo-Ann Lee

I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your wonderful coaching and advice. My recent film shoot went extremely well.

I came to set feeling very prepared and confident. And the tears that were needed for certain scenes came effortlessly.

 The director was beyond thrilled with the performance! I can’t wait to share the film with you when it’s completed.

Thank you again and I look forward to working with you again!

- Valynn Turkovich

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I'm writing to thank the über-talented maestra, Amanda Brooke Lerner, for her brilliant coaching that is steeped in intelligence, clarity, much love, safety and a push to stretch. As a client, you remember to play & be in the moment with specificity. I am always empowered after a session with this genius woman.

The CD burst out laughing from the get-go & laughed the whole way through! I'm grateful to you for your expertise and time and excellent coaching, always and for your friendship and caring for me. 

-- Annette Guarrasi

I headed to a beautiful woman’s apartment, Amanda Brooke Lerner, to help coach me for an audition the following night for a seminar with AGR and a self tape as a 1940’s mom with a Bronx accent for a film. She brought me out to new levels I never thought possible.

Her coaching left me with such confidence! I wish I had her the night before for my network audition.

She also give me a technique for learning lines that really worked and I would pay a million bucks for. Amanda Brooke Lerner Rocks!

- - Julie Reifers

Amanda Brooke Lerner keeps rocking my world as a mentor and audition coach.

Every time I visit I remember why I want to be an actor.

Seriously coach with her, she's so nurturing and you'll have tons of fun!

She gives you wings to fly.

-- Vongai Lyrique Mush

A super quick note to thank Amanda Brooke Lerner !! 

First of all, she's an amazing cheerleader... And boy do we need that in this industry. Second, she does a wonderful job with resumes. She resurrected mine in no time and recently updated it with lightning speed!

Third, she is super nice coach... I shot her a text and boom ready she was to help me prepare a script... And last, I went to her for a self-tape, that same week... And loved the result.

She was there from beginning to end, shared bits and pieces of her knowledge of the industry and process.... That was extremely interesting on many levels.


Had a tremendous coaching session this morning for an upcoming theatre callback with badass coach extraordinaire Amanda Brooke Lerner of Actor And The Biz.

Get yourself to her stat.

She’s insightful, sharp as a tack and a hell of a lot of fun to be around.

I feel ready to BOOK THAT ROOM.

-- Carol Todd

Amanda Brooke Lerner is all that - AND she's hilarious! So - in addition to all that fabulous coaching goodness - she makes it so much fun you can't HELP but do well.

Thank you, Amanda - for coaching me on my scene, for being so gifted and kind and generous-hearted! ABL - you're a gift.  

Also, I LOVE how spanky Amanda made my resume! I always thought mine was just fine - and really didn't need tweaking. I was wrong - because Amanda Brooke Lerner made it shine! 

-- Rose Pedone Maloney

I’m officially hooked on Amanda Brooke Lerner!!!

Just had my first ever audition coaching with her.

My sides were 3 lines total and we worked in so much detail!

I feel like I will be on a totally different level when I walk in the room tomorrow.

Thank you Amanda!

- Rosie Sowa

Had a great coaching session with Amanda Brooke Lerner today for a major Feature Film audition. She kicked my ass and it was amazing!

Thank you for helping me with the New York accent! It was such a big help.

After working with you and letting my brain soak in the info, I did my lines again this morning and the accent came out with much ease

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

-- Odysseus Bailer

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Just wanted to thank you so much for the coaching and taping yesterday. You were so awesome and I felt really prepared for my agent meeting!

It went well, we shall see….I was happy with my performance anyway.

Thank you so much again for everything!

I would definitely love to work with you again!! 

- - Amalia May Valle

Amanda Brooke Lerner is an amazing coach. Kind and patient: she somehow pulls the best work out of me.

She inspires, nurtures and encourages me as an actor. She pushes me when I need it and has improved my work tremendously! 

I am now more confident when I walk in and out of the audition room and she's helped increase by bookings and callbacks exponentially!

I sincerely recommend Amanda as a coach. She is the real deal!! 

-- Kathleen Boddington

Amanda Brooke Lerner is my go to for acting coaching, business coaching, resume and slate shots.

Her acting coaching is on another level! She was in tears rehearsing me because she was so present and committed. When I finish coaching with Amanda I feel sooooo ready for my performance and any redirects that get thrown at me.

The skills and tricks I've learned in our business coaching have launched my career to the next level. Beyond that Amanda is an amazing friend, actress and woman.

-- Sara Vitale

Don't give them what they want. They don't know what they want. Give them what YOU want. After all, that 's what you really have to give.

- John Patrick Shanley