resume resurrection - before and after

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  1. Is your resume overcrowded?

  2. Do you find yourself hitting the space bar in frustration while trying to align the columns?

  3. Does it feel generic and not quite up to the industry standard? 

If you answered yes, your resume is in need of a makeover! I'd love to take your resume to rehab and give it a little TLC. I will collaborate with you to create a resume that pops and that you will feel proud to present!


  • Your personalized resume template as a Word .doc that you can update yourself. 

  • The PDF version for email attachments.

  • The PNG version (Photo) for your website’s resume page.

  • Theatre First version.

STEP 1: Email

EMAIL your current resume to


QUESTIONNAIRE: Please complete this questionnaire and email it to me with your current resume.

STEP 3: deposit


  • $95 Deposit. $80 upon completion and full satisfaction.

  • 3 Rounds of Edits included. Additional rounds will be $50.

  • Alternate Versions: $25 each

  • Please note, there is a 7-10 waiting list. Once I receive your deposit, you will be placed in the queue.

VENMO is great @amandalerner

Please let me know if you’d like an alternate payment option like PayPal, CashApp or Zelle.

STEP 4: The Resurrection!

THE RESURRECTION: I’ll scour your current resume, website, IMDb and google to create a first draft that I will email along with questions and comments.

Then, I’ll incorporate your answers in a new draft and from there, we'll go back and forth until you're happy.

Please note: We will go through a total of three rounds. Additional rounds will be $50.



With new representation came the pain of reviewing my tried, true and worn out acting "materials."  

With a resume more suited to the era of silent movies, I turned to the master of revitalization Amanda Brooke Lerner of The Actor & the Biz.  

With patience, love and a lot of TLC, Amanda turned this baby boomer's credits into hipster millennium tech magic! If your resume is at the bridge and ready to jump, ask it to stop in the name of your career and get thee to ABL. 

She will give it a new look and a competitive shot during the upcoming pilot season.  My gentle peeps, Amanda is the real deal and the Actor & the Biz is the answer.

-- Leila Babson

So I just had Amanda Brooke Lerner re-do my resume, with her service "Resume Resurrection" and I'm gonna be honest, I've never been so excited about a resume before.

No joke, She is SO GREAT at what she does, and I'm so happy I found out about her!

Such a cool gal!

My Acting Resume looks LEGIT! I literally can't recommend her enough... haha. Check her out!!!

- - Johnny Toon

Amanda Brooke Lerner!

I gotta tell'ya: I can't stop looking at my resurrected resumé!

Girlfrannnd, you DID the dang thang! I look at it and think "Wow! That's really me!!!"

Thank you so very much for gettin' me together!!! <3  

#ResuméMessiah ;)

-- Kym Whitehead

I got sick and tired of my unimpressive, crappy looking resume, and decided to trust a PRO.

For a very reasonable cost to make your resume look superfly, you can too.

I have VERY few fancy credits, so I need to have the sharpest looking resume, and Amanda Brooke Lerner whipped mine into game-changing shape.

I strongly suggest making this savvy investment in yourself.

-- Jim O'Hare

I have got to give a *huge* shout-out to Amanda Brooke Lerner's incredible Resume Resurrection service. When I went to AGR Manager Night, the note that cropped up a few times was to bring my resume up to industry standards. I'd heard amazing things about Amanda's service, and knew I had to try it for myself. I am so glad that I did!!

She doesn't just work for you, she works with you, asking plenty of personalized questions to make sure you get the results you both want and need. She's incredibly supportive, collaborative, prompt, and attentive throughout the entire process, and within no time at all you have a brand new, beautiful, professional resume that pops!

-- Jessie Cannizaro

I just had my Resume Resurrection done by the talented Amanda Brooke Lerner and it turned out absolutely amazing!!!

I have two different resumes to work with that required different wording and she came up with ideas that were so terrific. My resumes pop now and I love them. 

Thank you for your guidance and I recommend working with Amanda if you need to "ELEVATE" (using our favorite word) your resume to a whole new level!

- - Mya Michaels

A BIG OLE TEXAS Size THANKS to Amanda Brooke Lerner!  She performed a  miracle on my resume.

I appreciated her patience, flexibility, and overall positive attitude.

I am so grateful to the  Universe that sent her my way and am thrilled to venture forth with such a sharp streamlined resume.

- - Danielle Gensler

I'd like to give a shout out to Amanda Brooke Lerner for her amaaaazing resume rehab service!! If you're feeling doubtful about the overall look/feel/format of your resume I can't recommend Amanda enough. It's seriously a game changer.

My resume looks kick-ass after Amanda wielded her magic and I feel completely confident with it now, which honestly is something that I've never had with my resume.

I'll be able to walk into meetings knowing without a doubt that my materials reflect the professional that I am.

- - Jordan Gosnell

So, I recently had the incredible Amanda Brooke Lerner give my acting resume an overhaul and I'm all smiles.

I have many credits and continue to book work but..I heard amazing things about her and went for it. I thought I had a good looking resume until I saw my new one. She's the bomb! If you've ever been thinking about your resume, think no more. Find Amanda.

She's also an awesome actress. Of course, that's why I cast her in my upcoming comedy Commission Impossible!  Thanks Amanda, you're the shizzle!

-- Stephen Tenner

I just have to jump onto the bandwagon and sing the praises of Amanda Brooke Lerner! I know I am preaching to the choir here, but I have to say that I have been reading incredible comments about her for awhile now, and I will admit, some part of me thought "What is all the hype?" Well, folks, now I know firsthand! It is all true. At the referral of several people here, I reached out to her for a resume resurrection. I wanted to feel super confident in my resume for a meeting, and though I was really pushing it time-wise, she was willing to take it on. She really came through for me, and I am so filled with gratitude and just in awe of her skills, professionalism, her commitment, her tenacity and her spirit.

I love my new resume, and I felt great handing it over at that meeting! I cannot wait to have another reason to work with her. And I sure do hope we can act together some time because beyond her business, coaching, self-tapes and design skills, she is a kickass actress. (Of course, I HAD to watch her good!) Believe the hype!

— Margaret Curry

I just got the most AMAZING resume update from Amanda Brooke LernerShe actually MATCHED the turquoise of my headshot pic blouse with the color of my headings - it is so pretty!!

Amanda has been so patient and wonderful throughout this process. I've learned a lot, she is a loving presence and savvy businesswoman as well. 

Looking forward to doing more on my website and social media with her. Thank you Amanda! You totally rock!!!

--Cathy Finlay

I just have to say Amanda Brooke Lerner's Resume Resurrection was so beneficial for me!

I always thought "Eh, my resume's fine, it's good" but she really made it POP and all my strengths pop out, and she made it editable for me which was amazing since credits are ever-changing.

Thank you for going above and beyond Amanda!

-- Natalie Friedman

A bit ago I asked Amanda Brooke Lerner to help with the updating of my resume.

I have to say she did an absolutely amazing job with it!

My resume now does a much better job of letting people “know where I am going rather than where I have been.”

I highly recommend her if your resume needs some love and attention.

-- Madalyn McKay


Just finished getting my resume resurrected by Amanda Brooke Lerner, she was fast, thoroughly efficient, and just all around GREAT!

Never seen my resume look like this, the woman is a magician.

- - Denver Taylor


So I followed Jen Rudolph's (from The Actor's Green Room) sage advice and had Miss Amanda Brooke Lerner overhaul my resume.

Just DO IT!!!

So stinking worth it.

-- Kim Elizabeth Kiernan

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 10.29.42 PM.png

I have my new, improved, overhauled, shiny resume - thank you amazing Amanda Brooke Lerner!!

Amanda works magic with design, advice and delivers with PDF and PNG for easy upload to Actors Access, Elevate, and everywhere else you need to be seen!

Thanks Amanda, and of course, Jen Rudolph for the direction.

-- Regina Yeager Drouse

Giving a shout out to Amanda Brooke Lerner, resume resurrector extraordinaire!

She whipped my resume into shape eliminating and adding roles and skills to bring it up to date and in keeping with the current market.

Thank you so much for your meticulous scrutiny, patience and insight into what makes a resume stand out!

-- Dawn Young

Had the pleasure of working with Amanda Brooke Lerner on resurrecting my resume and I couldn’t be happier and more grateful!

Feeling extra productive seeing that revamping the resume was one of the highlighted items on my To Do list.

So yes, huge shoutout to you girlfran!  Anyone who’s resume needs the same TLC should reach out!

- - Kristina Horan


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Amanda Brooke Lerner just resurrected my resume so that it is industry standard and perfect! Anyone who needs this type of help, please go to her. I highly recommend her.

She is very kind, responsive, and knows what she’s doing. I had random questions along the way and she was nonjudgmental and very helpful. She uplifted me from the very start of the process and I couldn’t be happier about the end product. I’m pumped and feel excited about showing it to people. Thank you, Amanda!

-- Kaylan Pedine

I wanna Shout out Amanda Brooke Lerner for bringing my resume to life.

I highly recommend investing in her services my resume looks super profresh now and definitely ups game.

Thanks Jen Rudolph for the recommendation.

- Oral Ellis

If you’re looking to fix up your resume…

I highly recommend Amanda Brooke Lerner!

It’s a much better representation of my work overall and what I’m trying to sell.

 She did an incredible job!

-- Jessica Carollo

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Following Jen Rudolph's advice during a consult, I hired Amanda Brooke Lerner to doctor my resume.  Now, I'm a sucker for structure & organization.  Amanda provided that & more.  

Amanda Brooke Lerner has a sniper's precision on hitting the mark with making a tight & professional looking resume.

Would highly recommend.  Thanks again to Jen for the guidance & to Amanda for the service!

- Thomas Mauro

You have the talent and training to succeed, but do you have the guts to fail?

-- Denzel Washington