What is a Pitch Deck and why do I need one?

A professional and engaging pitch package is designed to sell your TV or Film Project. Pitch Decks capture the best of your verbal pitch into approximately 12-20 pages, encompassing the structure and themes of the entire project.

It includes elements like network goals, budget overview, themes, demographics, episode breakdown and character descriptions.  

An effective Pitch Deck could help you reach any of the following goals:

  1. Secure that elusive pitch meeting

  2. Garner funding from Investors

  3. Sell your project to a Pproduction company, showrunner or Agency that will help you get serious Network consideration.

  4. Serve as an effective follow-up tool to carry your project all the way up the ladder to close the deal.

  5. Attach talent to generate heat, momentum and traction.


Sample Pitch Decks are available upon request.