WHAT is an EPK for Actors?

An Actor EPK is a comprehensive, carefully curated marketing tool that highlights your achievements in 5 Pages or less. It is comprised of your headshot, bio, screenshots, media, press, contact info, social media and anything else that that showcases your work. Press Kits are electronic now – saved as a .PDF with live clickable links.

This is the HOTTEST new marketing tool and it's in high demand!

Sounds cool but you may be asking yourself, WHY do I need one?

Your Actor EPK serves multiple purposes:

  • Share it with your Agent and Manager to include in pitch emails to Casting Directors.

  • Add the link to your Website and Gmail signature.

  • Include it when pitching yourself.

  • Celebrate all of your accomplishments that you worked so hard to achieve.

  • Technology is ever-changing, so we have to embrace it and be willing to change within the needs of The Biz.

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Anthony Robert Grasso’s EPK - click here to download.

Amanda Brooke Lerner’s EPK - click here to download.