What if you could have everything you needed to build your career as a professional actor, in what would normally take 4 to 5 years to develop, in 45 days?

What if you had someone who could train, coach and support you through this amazing journey, help you set up a solid foundation, empower you to be the CEO of you, and also be a cheerleader, advocate, business and audition coach, director, personal assistant, stylist, marketing guru, tech wiz, publicist, fellow actor and accountability partner?

Foundation45 is an all-inclusive VIP, training program for the committed actor just coming out of a drama program, switching careers or coming back after hiatus.

Many actors get stuck in Fear and Overwhelm. Amanda will guide you to face those obstacles head-on and break it down for you into a 6-Week Program that will put you on the fast track to success. Compiled from 30-years of training and experience, she will share all of the tools you need to navigate, sustain and thrive as an artist/small business owner.

By Interview Only.

Please contact Amanda at for details and rates.