How to Take Control of your Next Headshot Shoot through Visual Storytelling!

Oscar Wilde said: "Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes."

The best thing about mistakes is that they allow us to learn! They are, perhaps, our best tool as we seek to becomes experts in our craft.

In this 2-hour workshop, we will dissect common mistakes we as artists tend to make in headshot sittings. We will cover things like passive participation, incongruous stories and how to create strong ones, how vanity manifests in our choices and what we can do to truly embrace our imperfections and see them as positive attributes!

We will look at the differences between the headshot and the print shot or portrait. We will fully excavate ourselves as types in an industry that embraces them, while still leaving space for our personal essence; our unique and wonderful personalities.

At the end of the day, you will have the tools you need to realize your best shoot to date, sharing your most marketable and authentic self.

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What a wonderful evening yesterday with Jen Rudolph and Amanda Brooke Lerner as we went over THE ART OF THE HEADSHOT PREP!

It opened a new way to look at the head shots we ultimately choose to represent us...the first impression the industry has us..how we sell to our buyers... Whether you are a beginner or have been doing this for years like moi, we are always evolving, growing and developing. I love that Amanda expressed that even as an expert, she is, as well.  

We had so much fun, lots of laughs as we all recognized ourselves in others!! Everyone left the class enlightened and empowered!!! And we all now have a very thorough and specific handout to prepare for that next headshot session! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CLASS!

- Helene Galek

Anybody else wake up to start this new week dreaming about Amanda Brooke Lerner 's incredible headshot class this past Saturday night?? Thank you to Amanda and Jen Rudolph for all of your insights. And for the pamphlet of info for me to pour over again and again. 

I would HIGHLY recommend this class/workshop to anyone who doesn't feel super confident getting your headshot taken. Biggest takeaway from Amanda: we are not models, we are actors, so why not create characters and use a headshot session as an opportunity to tell stories vs. focusing on looking pretty/good/glam/whatever else society tells us.

Spend the money. Nothing insane but these shots are an investment in you, your marketing, your future, your passion.

-Juliana Forsberg-Lary

Hey Amanda! Thank you for tonight. The amount of attention and detail you invested into breaking down the headshot process was impeccable. Not to mention the 8 page take away pamphlet that I can look at before planning a headshot session.

You also nailed it with fashion and style by specifying the wardrobe for all the characters I want to play!

You were a rockstar.

- Violetta Laze

You were magnificent last night. Just a really really wonderful presentation. I fell even MORE in love with you - and so did everybody else!

Imparting life-changing, helpful information! So artists can soar! You absolutely took the angst out of the headshot horror!

Beautifully done!

- Rose Pedone Maloney

I just finished watching Amanda Brooke Lerner and Jen Rudolph's headshot class.

Thank you!

I learned so much and it was so helpful especially the handouts!

- Laura Przybilla‎ 

Thank you so much for offering your immensely valuable insight in addition to worksheets!

I will undoubtedly be using everything I learned as a guide before my next headshot shoot.

Thank you again! 

- Brian R. Post

Love it!

It was a great and very informative workshop, Amanda!

And you were great!

Thank you!

- Asen Grigorov

YOU and Jen Rudolph were awesome tonight...SO much information I never thought of... and I have had 3 sets of headshots ...so smart and sensible and super helpful!!! A classic example of … you don't know what you don't know ( for me )!

And the worksheets that you made so we can really be ready because we learned that getting great headshots is so much more than booking a wonderful photographer!! So glad I took this class and encourage all who missed it, to sign up next time!

- Dianne Rothenberg

I enjoyed every bit of it!

So much AMAZING info!! 

And met some more awesome actors!

Thanks so much Amanda Brooke Lerner! 

- Iris Severino

Amanda Brooke Lerner and Jen Rudolph: You are the “Lucy & Ethel” of headshot critique!

We had so much fun tonight!

And I got “therapy”...claiming my power in 2019.

Oh hell, I’ll start now.

- Mary Jo McConnell

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 5.52.35 PM.png

Thank you Amanda!

For an informative and inspiring workshop about headshots!

- Marcy Thorn