Congrats on taking this major step towards showing up for yourself and your career. I know we're going to get you organized, auditioning and booking like a fierce and savage beast! 

Follow the steps below, then celebrate yourself, your work + the quantum leap you’re about to take towards achieving your wildest dreams!

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STEP 3: Pre-Session Prep Work


I was so blessed yesterday to have my first coaching session with the awesome Amanda Brooke Lerner. At first, I was hesitant to book a session because many times I hear the same thing over and over. However, maybe out of desperation or the need to express my frustrations, I decided to book a session.

I knew from the moment we started talking that this was exactly what I needed. Amanda knew exactly what I was feeling and she could relate to every frustration/fear that I expressed. I felt so relieved to know that everything I was feeling was normal for actors to feel. I also felt connected to Amanda. We had so much in common and learned from the same teachers.

She is so smart and business savvy. She showed me how to revamp my resume and website which I am working on today. Plus she gave me some goals to work on to move my career forward. It was very magical.

I even cried on the train afterwards because I was so happy to know that my obsession with acting could be controlled and I could breathe some days without thinking of acting at all. Amanda is highly recommend from me.

-Victoria Stevens

I have learned so much from Amanda Brooke Lerner along my career path. She is en pointe with up-to-the-minute info concerning The Biz and the ways in which to make the business work for you!  If you give 100% you will surely reap the rewards. Amanda gives 100% to all of her clients and is a successful working actor herself with a finger on the pulse of the entertainment industry. I could never have gotten where I am without her guidance and support. She is not just a coach but also a friend. I highly recommend the Actor & the Biz.

-- Robyne Parrish

I am on top of my game, hashtag, like a beast!

Know how I know?

Bi-weekly career coaching sessions with this Ninja Instructor Amanda Brooke Lerner.


-- Shelly Shenoy

Amanda Brooke Lerner is helping me so much with my career!

She’s helped me get “unstuck” and to have a more positive outlook.

Amanda has also helped me prioritize and focus my efforts and I recently booked not one, but two pilots! 

Her help has been invaluable to me. I highly recommend the Actor & the Biz!

-- Samantha Rivers Cole


I’m super excited to share my new website here in the Green Lounge!

Mad props to Amanda Brooke Lerner for helping me choose my new headshots and all of her help and advice!

Definitely check her out, she’s a wonderful resource!

Thanks Amanda!

Remember that it is far harder and more painful to be a blocked artist than it is to do the work.

-- Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way